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Would you like to join us?   
For enquiries about joining our Group, becoming a Leader or joining the Committee, contact:  
Group Leader: James Ventrella (ph: 0416 772 033 email: gl@1st-heatherdale.asn.au) or use the contact form below.

We usually ask new kids to come along for 4-6 weeks to firstly see if they want to join and also to learn about what Scouting is all about before we get a uniform organised and invest them into the Group.

On your first night we require two forms to be filled out. This gives us some details of you and covers us for insurance. If you decide after a few weeks that you'd like to join, then we organise for your registration to be processed. You can also see the Youth Membership Form here.

Hall Hire 
Interested in hiring our hall, please email hall@1st-heatherdale.asn.au and we will get back in touch with you.

Want to find another group? 
If you want to find another group, you can use your postcode to find local Groups on the Victorian Scouts website.

Our Group has a Facebook page that has restricted access to protect people's privacy.  If you would like to be a member of this group please send your Id to the Group Leader to register you with the site.

Once you are a member of the group please feel free to post comments, highlights and photos.

Scouts has a large presence on Facebook - you can follow Jamborees, Cuborees and many other Scouting activities.

Scout Hall

1st Heatherdale Scout Group
PO Box 29, 
Mitcham, Vic, 3132 
A.B.N. 39 662 387 026